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What is a toxic relationship?

Making relationships is hard enough without feeling that your partner may not be the one and is more harmful to your well being than you at first believed.

If you are having a hard time because you love him or her however your gut is informing you that they are poisonous to you, here are some hints to identify whether you are in a toxic relationship.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You love your partner and you believe he/she is too however his/her actions towards you do not suggest that he/she appreciates or values you or your sensations.

toxic relationship

Spoken Put Down

Putting you down independently or openly is another idea to show that you are in a harmful relationship. This symbolizes disrespect for you or for himself or herself.

This may even wind up becoming an extreme form of spoken and physical abuse. Words harm. The one you love and who states he/she loves you need to not be attempting to injure you. This way you will find out being in a toxic relationship.


If she or he is insecure, she or he will attempt to control you. He/she needs to know each minute where you are, who you are with and what you are doing every second of the day. This is suppressing and is not favorable to a healthy relationship. They may even begin determining what you are to use.


Your partner will attempt to make you depending on them as a way to control your every move. They want you to be economically depending on them and may motivate you to leave your job or not search for work. They may also slowly attempt to cut you off from all your friends and family.

Change You

You are in a hazardous relationship if your partner informs you that things would be much better and different if just you changed features of yourself to make them happy.

As you quickly learnt, absolutely nothing can make them happy and they always have something to grumble about.