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What foods are bad for skin?

Our skin is our true testimony. It will inform you precisely the sort of way of life you lead – healthy or unhealthy. Here are foods are bad for skin:


If you take in food late during the night, opportunities are that your body is keeping the salt you had, thus offering you puffy eyes in the early morning. It is crucial for you to have food way before bedtime.


Excess of fat is very bad for our skin. It makes our skin appear dull and lifeless. Fried foods include oxidized fats and destruct necessary nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3. Excess frying of foods also results in the generation of trans-fats which motivates extreme production.

foods bad for skin


Overload of caffeine in your diet implies old and wrinkly skin. This is because caffeine is accountable for dehydrating your skin. Be it in the form of coffee, cold coffee, chai or perhaps green tea!


Those who take in excess alcohol tend to have big pores on their skin. After having beer, we frequently feel exceptionally thirsty the next day. Now you can imagine the state of our skin. Thus we need to avoid these worst foods for skin.

High glycerin load

If regardless of having a severe acne problem you continue to have foods abundant in glycogenic index, you need to stop right now. You are in no other way assisting your skin.

This is because high GI results in variations in our blood sugar level levels. There is a boost in our sebum production. Which causes build-up of germs in one area? Eliminate pizzas, breads, pastas from your diet.



Another significant stimulant for bad skin. This is because these foods result in a spike in your insulin levels. Fine-tuned sugar is exceptionally bad for your skin. Keep it restricted to one tablespoon daily, if you simply can refrain from doing without it.

Oxygenated drinks

Oxygenated drinks have concealed active ingredients like high sugar content, caffeine and even the fact that they are carbonated is a problem for your skin. Attempt leaving them for 21 days and see the distinction in your skin.